Soundcloud – Stream What’s Around You

Copywriter – Stuart Lovinggood

Soundcloud is the cool version of iTunes and Spotify. It’s the most immediate and direct way to hear music. Soundcloud makes a connection, a real connection, between the artist and the listener. It’s where Phoenix and R. Kelly get together to jam; it’s where Diplo and Giorgio Moroder unload their laptops; and it’s where I go to listen to my friends’ bands. It’s a powerful tool and we wanted to take that immediacy, break it out of the web, and put it into the real world.

This campaign won a bronze 2014 student Austin Addy, uncontested.

The world is humming. Every stomping foot,
Every slamming door, every strumming guitar.
The sound can be jarring. It can be overwhelming.
It can be beautiful.

With all the sounds happening out there,
both here around us and online,
sometimes the best thing to do is to take some time.
Reflect on the world.

Stream what’s around you.


Sound Landmarks

Visitors of iconic art or landmarks can read a brief history and listen to a relevant recording by taking a picture through an augmented reality tool in the Soundcloud mobile application.


Soundcloud This Article

Small embedded sound chips (think singing birthday cards) are placed in magazines, allowing users to hear audio related to the article. The ad can then be scanned or the audio can be Shazam-ed to be taken to more content on Soundcloud.


Sounds of the City Airport Installation

Airport visitors get a private listening experience and exposure to local musical artists from a sound cone projecting streaming music down to a branded Soundcloud chair.

Visitors can also view artist information and share their experience to social media on an attached touchscreen.


Record Shop Guerilla Inserts

Record store shoppers discover Soundcloud “records” in the racks alongside vinyl records from other artists. These records link to exclusive recordings when photographed with an augmented reality tool in the Soundcloud mobile application.