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If you wanna chat or whatevs, hit me up. I love design and art direction and I’d be happy to talk about potential projects or Kanye. You can also ask me for advice. One of my favorite things to do is to give out advice regarding things I’m totally unqualified to speak on. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my online world wide website!

Other Ways to Reach Me

Carrier pigeon. Message in a bottle. Pizza deliverer. Bike messenger. Inline skate messenger. Singing telegram. An actual telegram. Cake writing. Stripping police officer. Subpoena. Federal subpoena. Two tin cans connected by a string. Morse code. Smoke signals. Sky writing. Craigslist missed connections. Shopping center intercom. Morning announcements. Body modification. Writing shaved into hair/fur. A note wrapped around a brick thrown through my living room window. Telekinesis. Fax.

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